Why the ALIGATOR phones are exceptional?

There are many situations, without which you now can not imagine that we did not have a mobile phone. Using mobile phones to work and play, to communicate with family and friends. Sometimes we are also very helpful in solving problems. For example, if you find yourself alone in the middle of the night with defective car. You could say that I no longer have the daily life and can not imagine every cell phone today. Perhaps one exception. Older people, who, though would like to use a mobile phone, often justified by the problems with devices equipped with an array of functions lost in confusing menus and settings, which does not cost, but their phones are already packed with even the lowest price range.

A major problem are the small screen full of different items, non-contrast display, and not least the small numbers and letters. As shown in the interests of the elderly long-term monitoring, the majority wants to use mobile phones for the purpose that they know - that is, to make phone calls conveniently and reliably, without fear of being accidentally connected to the Internet or accidentally apply any other paid service.

To help seniors with the entry into the mobile world, we have a special mobile phones Alligator, which excel in practicality and appearance while certainly not left behind. We thought the phone for the elderly must be a friend, personal assistant to the rescue in case of emergency. It should have a solid construction to withstand the fall to the ground. Large buttons for easy operation with less sensitive fingers. Of course not miss the big numbers and letters in a clearly legible display. Lock keyboard and volume controls should be simple, as they can. An important feature that may be missing, SOS button and speed dial settings for individual keys. All this must be easily understandable and intuitive. Lines alligators managed to combine these requirements and was the first model of senior phone ALIGATOR Senior A300, which immediately became a best seller and is still used by many seniors. Brand ALIGATOR but resting on its laurels and is now in its offer an extensive portfolio of senior simplest phones with basic features to models designed for active seniors and even children.