Aligator A310

Brand new mobile phone intended not only for seniors. This novelty of the serie ALIGATOR 3xx offers a large, well readable coloured display and advanced menu. A310 enables to use 2xSIM cards at the same time !

The mobile phone has a friendly and ergonomic body with separated speaking buttons. Apart of all standard functions it can offer FM radio (works also without earphones), alarm-clock, simple calender or for example musical equipment.

Mobile phones ALIGATOR have always a SOS button for easy calling for help and also a flashlight placed on the upper side of the mobile phone. SOS functions are followed by a possibility of sending and display of your own position on the map - the mobile phone supports the service SOS Locator.

What does SOS Locator mean?

SOS Locator is a service available in actual offer by most of ALIGATOR mobile phones. This is a complex of functions that enable to send a mobile phone position with the help of a common SMS message after pressing of the SOS button. Receiver of this SMS can easy find your position on the map.