Aligator A340

Mobile phone with separated speaking buttons, with large display and all functions required by senior mobile phones.

Model A340 Senior is a successor of a favourite model A330 which offers also a simple and comfortable manipulation. This models uses a new Infineon platform that supports not only all mobile functions but enables also mobile banking and SIM toolkit. Thanks to new production technology the mobile phone is lighter and has higher capacity of the battery. A340 is a combination of a high utility value with a very reasonable price.

The mobile phone A340 supports a function SOS Locator. As accessories you can buy additonally a practical charging stand.

What does SOS Locator mean?

SOS Locator is a service available in actual offer by most of ALIGATOR mobile phones. This is a complex of functions that enable to send a mobile phone position with the help of a common SMS message after pressing of the SOS button. Receiver of this SMS can easy find your position on the map.